Form-Based Codes

Raimi + Associates is proud to offer its clients Form-Based Codes as an organizing principle of land use planning. Form-Based Codes are a meaningful alternative to traditional zoning, and offer cities and counties the ability to regulate those characteristics of the urban environment that have the highest influence over the health, success, and sustainability of any given community. Form-Based Codes address the following factors:

• Form and mass of buildings
• Scale of the streets, and the urban landscape
• Character of new development and the urban environment

City Center Precise Plan and Form-based Code

Fremont, CA

Raimi + Associates is directing preparation of a Precise Plan and Form-Based zoning code for the approximately 430-acre City Center Area, which includes the Fremont BART station and anchor institutions such as Washington Hospital, City Hall, and an up-and-coming Downtown District. Through targeted outreach and coordination with stakeholders, property owners, and city staff and elected officials, R+A is creating targeted development standards and a phasing structure to transform the City Center into a walkable, transit-oriented district with a stronger sense of character and identity. The final Precise Plan will include an open space and circulation plan, form-based zoning regulations, land use regulations, prototypical street sections and intersection treatments, green building policies, infrastructure planning, and implementation and funding mechanisms, all based in an assessment of what is economically feasible. The work is funded through a grant from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission in coordination with the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG).

Fulton Corridor Specific Plan and Downtown Fresno Neighborhoods Community Plan Update

City of Fresno, CA

Working with Moule & Polyzoides, Raimi + Associates was the primary policy consultant on the reconfiguration of four community plans into a single Downtown Neighborhoods Community Plan, prepared a Specific Plan for the Fulton Corridor of downtown Fresno, and directed the form-based code that supports both the Specific Plan and the Community Plan. Raimi + Associates also created a Health Impact Assessment (HIA) and health policy chapter of the Community Plan. The Specific Plan and Form-Based Code provides land use and design guidance for corridor redevelopment and revitalization in Downtown Fresno, integrating downtown with existing neighborhoods, meeting community needs, and supporting the core goals of health, sustainability, social equity, and economic vitality. 

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South Gate Interim Form-Based Code

City of South Gate, CA

R+A prepared an interim code for the City of South Gate to address HCD's requirement for implementing the General Plan's potential for development of underutilized sites at a minimum of 30 units per acre. The code focused on applying the General Plan's place-types to the opportunity sites with the proviso that such development needed to be allowed 'by right'. This required that the code be as clear as possible to minimize the need for interpretation. R+A worked closely with City staff over a period of 6 weeks to generate and adjust the code for adoption which occurred in February 2010.

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San Juan Capistrano Historic Town Center Master Plan and Form-Based Code

City of San Juan Capistrano, CA

As a subconsultant to Studio 111, R+A is provided policy analysis and is prepared a form-based code to support a new Master Plan for San Juan Capistrano's historic town center. In addition, the plan and code addressed adjacent, non-historic areas that affect the historic town center. Key to this effort was the need to generate development standards that supported the historic pattern and buildings while enabling new investment to occur and sensitively add to the whole.

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Olmos Park Village Center Plan and Form-Based Code

City of Olmos Park, Texas

As a subconsultant to Michael Imber Architects, R+A prepared a form-based code to support a new master plan for the core of this San Antonio, Texas suburb. While working closely with the urban design team of Studio 111 and Sargent Town Planning, R+A prepared its most efficient code to date in order to deal with this small town's minimal staff. Equally important to this effort was the need to code this set of corridors for development that fits in and sensitively respects the immediately adjacent, well established and appealing neighborhoods.

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